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Is Discovery Cove Worth the Money?

Swimming with the Dolphins at Discovery Cove

Let’s be honest, Discovery Cove is expensive!  I debated whether it could truly be the worth the money for a long time.  Several friends who had previously visited Discovery Cove promised up and down that it was totally worth it.  So, I bit the bullet, made the reservations, and hoped for the best day ever (and good weather obviously).  We didn’t quite get my good weather wish that day but even so, it was an AMAZING day!  I would highly recommend going and here’s why:

Swimming with the Dolphins

Swimming with the Dolphins at Discovery Cove

This was on my bucket list and it did not disappoint!  You get quality time with 1-2 dolphins in a small group setting.  There were numerous opportunities to feed, touch, and interact with the dolphin.  Our trainer was personable, funny, and knowledgeable.  It was an experience I will never forget!

1st Class Treatment

From the moment you walk in, it is red carpet treatment all the way.  There’s staff members positioned every few feet to welcome you and ensure you know exactly where to go and what is offered.  You barely have to think for yourself when at Discovery Cove – pure relaxation!

Breakfast and Lunch are Included

Two meals are provided buffet-style so get there early and come hungry.  There were a ton of options and everything was excellent.

Unlimited Snacks and Beverages

This was amazing and is making my mouth water just thinking about it!  There were ice cream treats, cookies, chips, hot pretzels…you name it, they probably had it.  The kids were in heaven!  Let’s not forget that alcohol is also included in this.  They had a variety of beer and a few frozen, mixed drinks.  There were plenty of snack “huts” so you never had to go far when you had a craving.

Awesome Snorkeling

Do not overlook the snorkeling experience at Discovery Cove.  There is a very large salt-water area for snorkeling with an impressive number and variety of things to see.  Beware of the gigantic sting rays as I almost stepped on one thinking it was a rock.  These also completely freaked my kids out – which was hysterical!  Also, beware of the sharks…yes, sharks.  I had a small panic attack until I realized they were actually confined.  Yikes!

Gorgeous Scenery

Discovery Cove is absolutely beautiful.  Every inch of it is true paradise.

Warm Water

The lazy river and general swimming area was very warm.  It actually rained for the half the day when we were there but we just hung out in the warm water and had a great time.  One of the coolest areas included clusters of chairs in shallow water where you could relax with a drink.

Free Parking

This is a small perk but still a perk not to forget about.  You’ll pay parking (around $17/day) at any other park in the area.

Admission to Sea World and Aquatica

Since this is included, you have to utilize this, right?  It’s a no-brainer.   At least go to Sea World, it’s definitely worth it.  This make the price of Discovery Cove not seem so shocking.

After considering all the perks from parking to Sea World to the enormous amounts of food and drink we consumed, it was probably a bargain!  Well…maybe I won’t go that far but I will say it was definitely worth the money and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone else.  I may even consider going back there myself!

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