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Magic Kingdom Tips

Lunch at Crystal Palace at Magic Kingdom

There are a million different resources for the best tips and tricks on Magic Kingdom.  You’ll notice they all pretty much tell you the same things.  Mine are in no way mind-blowing or surprising.  But I’m providing them here in case you haven’t already bought into them somewhere else.  Take the advice!

Arrive Early

You have to realize from the time of parking to actually arriving at Magic Kingdom is a 20-30 minute deal.  If the park opens at 9am, I would be pulling into the parking lot by 8:15am at the latest.  There is always an opening celebration that is worth seeing and they typically open the gates early.   Obviously, the park is less crowded earlier in the day so you will get more accomplished.

Get Parade Spots Early

Main Street Electric Parade at Magic KingdomI can’t stress this one enough.  If you want to see a parade, get a spot 1 hour before it starts.  I know that seems crazy and a complete waste of time but that’s the reality.  Also, don’t expect 1 or 2 people to hold parade spots for a larger group.  They will not be able to hold off the masses.  We tried that with the grandparents and my laid back, church-going Dad almost got in a fight….at Disney…the happiest place in the world.  It makes for a pretty hilarious story though!

Bring in Snacks and Drinks

This little tid-bit isn’t advertised too often but you can bring in food and drinks.  Do it!  It will save money and time standing in line and keep the kiddos happy.  We have always brought in a soft-sided cooler bag filled with water, juice boxes, Gatorade, granola bars, fruit snacks, and string cheese.   This is especially easy if using a stroller so you don’t have to carry it around.

Use a Stroller

If you are even considering it, just get one.  It will keep the kids fresh and help the adults carry all the bags, purses, and coolers around.

Have a Plan

Know the general layout of the park and have a plan for the day including where you are going to eat.


I know this seems so ridiculous that Disney is basically forcing you to plan out your day 30-60 days ahead of time.  I acknowledge that.  However, if you want to make the most of your time, use it.  Figure out your touring plan and book these as earlier as you are able.

One Land at a Time

It works best if you just take it one land at a time.  It takes the overwhelming factor away at least a little bit.  It will also prevent unnecessary walking from zig-zagging all over the park.

Realize You Can’t Do It All in One Day

You just physically can’t go on every ride and see everything in one day.  Know that as a fact and come to terms with it so you aren’t disappointed.  Know which attractions are a must-see and then be ok with standing in line for them.

Magic Kingdom can be overwhelming and stressful so use the tips above, take a deep breath, and remember you’re on vacation….having FUN!!

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