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Map Out Your Future Vacations

The Chicago Skyline from Chicago's Willis Tower.

I recently discovered that parents are coming up with an annual vacation plan.  This ensures they fit in all the travel they desire for their kids before it’s not cool to travel with Mom and Dad anymore.  What an awesome idea!  Why didn’t I think of that already?!?  I love vacation planning so this was a no-brainer for me.  This is my initial plan which I’m sure will evolve as the years go by.

Trips Already Taken:

** Numbers in parentheses are the ages of my 2 girls that year

  • 2012 (5, 3): St. Louis
  • 2013 (6, 4): Florida – Disney, Sea World
  • 2014 (7, 5): Chicago, Sandusky, South Haven
  • 2015 (8, 6): Florida – Disney, Universal, Discovery Cove

Future Trips with the Kids:

  • 2016 (9, 7): Gulf Shores, AL
  • 2017 (10, 8): Estes Park, Colorado
  • 2018 (11, 9): California
  • 2019 (12, 10): Florida
  • 2020 (13, 11): Midwest – KC, SL, or Ozarks
  • 2021 (14, 12): Bad Lands, Wyoming, Colorado
  • 2022 (15, 13): East Coast
  • 2023 (16, 14): Midwest – Michigan
  • 2024 (17, 15): Hawaii

Future Trips with Just My Hubby:

  • Alaskan Cruise
  • Napa Valley/Wine Country – Oh Yeah!!
  • Australia
  • African Safari
  • Anywhere we want!!

Age Appropriate Trips:

Map out the best destinations for kids of certain ages.  Hit Disney up when they are little and everything is still magical.  The older kids can better appreciate scenery, beach days, culture, and education so don’t waste those trips too early.

Be Flexible:

Just because you came up with a grand plan 2 years ago, doesn’t mean everyone in your family will be on board or that you even agree with it anymore.  Be flexible and willing to modify!

Don’t Be Afraid of the Repeat Trip:

If you find a place you absolutely love or somewhere you vacationed frequently while growing up, go again!  It’s comforting and less stressful knowing the area and revisiting your favorite spots.  At least you know you’ll have fun!

Stay Local:

You don’t have to go on an elaborate, luxury trip every year to have a good time.  Sometimes the best trips are in your own neck of the woods.  I have worked in a few Midwest trips since we live in Iowa and there is a ton to do within driving distance.

Have fun planning!

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I’m a working wife and mom with a motto of “Work Hard, Play Hard”. I work in the accounting/finance field for an amazing local company but my true passions are my family, red wine, and traveling. My calling in life had to be vacation planning. I like to think I have quite a knack for this and want to share this passion with others.

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