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Wine Accessories


Have I mentioned that I love wine?  Specifically, red wine.  I also love all the accessories and décor.  Our house is becoming a wine shrine…and I love it.

Plastic Stemless Wine Glassesplastic-stemless-wine-glasses

So…I have a drinking problem.  More accurately…I have a spilling problem.  It’s a common joke in the family and if you know me well, you may not let me drink in your living room.  I have also been known to not only spill my drink but shatter a wine glass all over my neighbor’s patio…yep, I’m that girl.  Plastic is the way to go when drinking on the patio.  They are also great to throw in on trips so you don’t have to drink wine out of the tiny hotel coffee cups.

Cork Anythingwine-cork-holder

I think I have kept every cork we’ve opened for the last 4 years.  You can buy so many of those cute metal wine cork holders or act crafty and attempt to actually make something out of them.  The only downside of this is whoever comes to your house thinks you’re an alcoholic based on the sheer volume of corks.

Wine Stem Charmswine-charm

I wasn’t a fan of these for the longest time.  Who really puts a charm on their wine glass when you’re sitting around at home?   But then I discovered how great they are for parties or family gatherings.  Everyone can choose a charm and then you have no excuse if you drink out of the wrong glass.

Electric Bottle Opener

It’s just easier.  Duh.

Wine Barrelswine-desk

Think of all the cool things you could do with a wine barrel.  You could make a flower pot or a coffee table.  Hell, you could even make a desk!

BIG Wine Glassesbig-wine-glass

They hold more and it’s a lot harder for the wine to splash over the edge while walking or even just sitting.  See my spilling issues in the 1st bullet.  Plus, then you can say you only had one glass.


Wine Shelvingwine-shelf

My favorite piece of furniture in our home is an old farm “tool-bit” holder that we snagged at an antique store.  It is perfect for storing our wine and looks awesome too.

What is your favorite wine accessory?


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